The Seven lethal Sins have sliced up the dictionary and brought what is theirs. not anyone vice is simply too grasping as each one quantity prides itself on having greater than 500 entries. notice enthusiasts will lust after those richly packaged volumes--and as soon as you have gathered all seven, you may be the envy of your whole friends.

Lust: A Dictionary for the Insatiable

Once seriously isn't adequate. you might want to ogle those entries a number of occasions, all evening lengthy. Nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, no matter what their specific pleasure--or pleasures--they'll locate 'em inside.

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Prostitution (pros-ti-TOO-shuhn) NOUN: The act of replacing sexual acts for cash or different monetary achieve. galvanize (pruh-VOHK) VERB: To incite or result in one to motion; instigate. prurient (PROOR-ee-uhnt) ADJECTIVE: characterised through unwholesome or lustful ideas. pudendum (pyoo-DEN-duhm) NOUN: exterior genital organs, rather these of the feminine. pulchritudinous (puhl-kri-TOOD-n-uhs) ADJECTIVE: bodily appealing; comely. Q and R quickie (KWIK-ee) NOUN: An task that's played in a rush, particularly a sexual act that's accomplished with out pretense or foreplay. within the first few weeks in their courtship, it was once very unlikely for the couple to maintain their palms off one another—and they'd usually stopover at every one other’s office to thieve away for a QUICKIE. racy (RAY-see) ADJECTIVE: a bit of sexual or risqué. rake (rayk) NOUN: A licentious guy; womanizer. randy (RAN-dee) ADJECTIVE: Sexually aroused; lustful. rapture (RAP-cher) NOUN: A nation of euphoria or bliss; ecstasy. just a fight twists sentimentality and lust jointly into love. —E. M. FORSTER raunchy (RAWN-chee) ADJECTIVE: Obscene or bawdy; vulgar. starving (RAV-uh-nuhs) ADJECTIVE: tremendous hungry or grasping; voracious. ravish (RAV-ish) VERB: to give somebody with an overpowering burst of ardour or emotion; to strength or coerce anyone into having sexual kinfolk (the word can be utilized in consensual relationships to point the fellow is the single instigating). re-light (ree-KIN-dl) VERB: To reignite; to mild afire whatever that has burned out. have fun with (REL-ish) VERB: To take pleasure in or have fun with anything that brings one excitement. revelry (REV-uhl-ree) NOUN: a loud social gathering that frequently contains over the top consuming, consuming, and frivolity. The newlywed’s bed room REVELRY will be heard loud and transparent throughout the open balcony door. ribald (RIB-uhld) ADJECTIVE: Behaving in a vulgar or coarse demeanour, yet frequently intended in a funny approach. risqué (ri-SKAY) ADJECTIVE: Indecent or racy. roué (roo-AY) NOUN: a guy who leads a lifetime of debauchery, jam-packed with consuming, playing, and girls. ruttish (RUHT-ish) ADJECTIVE: Lascivious or salacious. S sadism (SAY-diz-uhm) NOUN: reaching sexual pride by way of causing soreness on one’s companion; cruelty. salacious (suh-LAY-shuhs) ADJECTIVE: at risk of incite sexual arousal or titillation; owning lewd sexual pursuits. saturnalia (sat-er-NAY-lee-uh) NOUN: A rowdy get together or orgy. satyriasis (sey-tuh-RY-uh-sis) NOUN: Uncontrollable male compulsion to have intercourse with as many people as attainable. saucy (SAW-see) ADJECTIVE: Brazen or ahead, even though usually intended in a funny demeanour. scabrous (SKAB-ruhs) ADJECTIVE: concerning intercourse in an obscene or risqué model; scandalous. scandalous (SKAN-dl-uhs) ADJECTIVE: Shameful or flawed; stunning. seduction (si-DUHK-shuhn) NOUN: Persuasive behaviors—be they romantic or deceptive—that lead one individual to have intercourse with one other or be tempted in another method. Samantha’s online game of taking part in tough to get is a part of her SEDUCTION; selecting to play it cool in simple terms makes her companions wish her extra and the intercourse that a lot warmer.

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