The next theoretical-empirical issues at the DP are mentioned: Article and its referential-anaphoric homes via Abraham (Determiners in Centering Theory); Bartra (On naked NPs in previous Spanish and Catalan); id of all useful nominal different types via Stvan (Bare singular count number nouns); Kupisch & Koops (Specificity and negation); Jäger (History of German indefinite determiners); typological comparability of the interplay of nominal and verbal choice by means of Abraham (Discourse-functional crystallization of the or­ig­inal demonstrative); Leiss (Covert (in)definiteness and point in outdated Icelandic, Goth­ic, outdated excessive German); Lohndal (Double definiteness in the course of previous Norse); emergence of DP in ontogeny/phylogeny via Osawa (DP, TP and element in previous English and L1 acquisition); Bittner (Early services of definites in L1 acquisition); wooden (Demonstratives and possessives emergent from previous English); Bauer ((in)defin­ite articles in Indo-European) and Stark (Variation in nominal indefiniteness in Romance).

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