Pontius Pilate is among the so much enigmatic figures in Christian theology. the one non-Christian to be named within the Nicene Creed, he's offered as a merciless colonial overseer in secular money owed, as a conflicted pass judgement on confident of Jesus's innocence within the Gospels, and as both a pious Christian or a digital demon in later Christian writings. This publication takes Pilate's position within the trial of Jesus as a place to begin for investigating the functionality of felony judgment in Western society and the ways in which such judgment calls for us to adjudicate the competing claims of the everlasting and the old. Coming simply as Agamben is bringing his decades-long Homo Sacer venture to an finish, Pilate and Jesus sheds enormous gentle on what's at stake in that sequence as a complete. even as, it stands by itself, probably greater than any of the author's fresh works. It hence serves as an ideal foundation for readers who're eager about Agamben's strategy yet don't know the place to begin.

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