By Simen Andersen Øyen, Tone Lund-Olsen, Nora Sørensen Vaage

Technological know-how and faith are usually seen as dichotomies. yet even though our modern society is frequently perceived as a clarification technique, we nonetheless want wide, metaphysical ideals open air of what should be confirmed empirically. Rituals and emblems stay on the center of recent lifestyles. Do our thoughts of technological know-how and faith require revitalization? Can technological know-how itself be thought of a faith, a trust, or an ideology? Science's authority and status enables little within the method of exchange ways now not based in empirical technological know-how. it isn't strange to think that know-how and technological know-how will resolve the world's basic difficulties. Has fact been colonized through technological know-how? Have medical disciplines turn into so really expert and "operationally closed" that they have got developed limitations to different disciplines in addition to most people? The writers of this publication got down to examine no matter if the symbols of academia may perhaps every so often tackle a top quality of sacrality, even if the guideline of specialists will be acknowledged to have the nature of a "priesthood of knowledge", no matter if faith has a spot in medical contexts, and a variety of different questions bearing on technological know-how and its kinfolk to spiritual trust.

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