This e-book offers a phenomenon-oriented survey of the interplay among phonology and morphology. It examines the ways that morphology, i.e. observe formation, demonstrates sensitivity to phonological details and the way phonological styles may be delicate to morphology. Chapters specialise in morphologically conditioned phonology, procedure morphology, prosodic templates, reduplication, infixation, phonology-morphology interleaving results, prosodic-morphological
mismatches, ineffability, and different circumstances of phonology-morphology interplay. The evaluate discusses the relevance of a number of phenomena for theoretical concerns within the box. those contain the controversy over item-based vs. realizational methods to morphology; the query of no matter if cyclic effects
can be subsumed less than paradigmatic results; even if reduplication is phonological copying or morphological doubling; even if infixation and suppletive allomorphy are phonologically optimizing, and extra. The publication is meant for use in graduate or complex undergraduate classes or as a reference for these pursuing person themes within the phonology-morphology interface.

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