Is Islam a "religion of peace"? was once Muhammad the real and ultimate prophet of God? Is the Quran the fulfilment of the Bible, and legitimately carrying on with the traditions of the Judeo-Christian scriptures? maybe some of the most audacious, stunning, unthinkable and hugely debatable rules to ever be conceived, the folks vs Muhammad locations the founder of Islam on trial for crimes opposed to humanity, and to problem his self-proclaimed authority. With the transforming into hazard of home-grown Muslim jihadist terrorist assaults and the ominous cataclysm of a world holy struggle, there is no doubt Islam has turn into a burdensome factor which has our personal western governments confused. This booklet sequence intends to enquire the genuine ideology of Islam, to envision with cause and common sense the legitimacy of Muhammad's declare and center teachings of his cult. all through this sequence, writer J.K Sheindlin conscientiously analyses the Quran and the Islamic texts legalistically to show the stunning fact bearing on Muhammad's advocation for: Pedophilia, honor killings, intercourse slavery, prostitution, racism, extortion, homicide, mental indoctrination, highbrow terrorism, censorship, grand larceny, racketeering, household violence, gender inequality, and masses extra! during this robust sequence, the 1st installment mental research delves deep into Muhammad's earlier and uncovers irritating proof which certainly end up to be the origins of his a number of psychopathological problems. utilizing fullyyt the Islamic resources in connection with modern psychiatric-medical documents, J.K Sheindlin info Muhammad's vast catalogue of psychological health problems which come with: Psychopathy, Gynophobia, Napoleon advanced, Schizophrenia, Narcissistic character disease, Messiah-God advanced, Obsessive Compulsive disease, Athazagorophobia, Oedipus complicated, Sex-addiction, Pedophilia, and Necrophilia. moreover, the writer additionally hypothesizes a resounding argument in keeping with scientific technological know-how, which debunks Muhammad's first revelation. those exterior components being: Volcanic fuel inhalation, sensory deprivation, hunger, dehydration, mind harm and Syphilis. Written to impress a rational reaction from either Muslim and western readers, the decision is finally determined through the general public to figure out if Muhammad's declare to prophethood is valid.

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